About this Site

GlennJMorrisMethod.com is run by Senior Instructors of Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process (KundaliniAwakeningProcess.com), for the instructors of KAP to transmit practical and esoteric methods of personal and community development from Glenn’s Improved KAP programs in concise, progressive, and mutually interdependent courses and workshops, as well as to teach niched applications of those principles and methods for different professions and groups.

The site and Senior KAP Instructors do not aim to speak for the estate of Dr. Glenn J. Morris*, for the HoshinBudoRyu**, or for the HoshinRoshiRyu***, the site only represents the methods, principles, strategies, tactics, and techniques of consciousness and energy cultivation, awakening, integration, and rhetoric passed by Dr. Morris to our instructors, and from them to their students, to the best of our ability.

*The estate of Dr. Glenn J. Morris is administrated by his widow, Irena Mandich-Morris, to include Dr. Morris’s published works, which may be found in fine book stores, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Lulu.com, and elsewhere.

**The Hoshin Budo Ryu, originally the US East Coast sub-organization of Glenn’s Hoshin Budo Ryu, and the largest group of Glenn’s black belt level instructors, represents refinements in and preservation of Dr. Morris’s practical and esoteric martial art, Hoshinjutsu, headed by Soke Rob Williams, Dr. James Alexander, PhD, and many more fine and formidable practitioners. Hoshin Budo Ryu also teaches Dr. Morris’s original Hoshin Tao Chi Kung, and the Hoshin Healinghands-on and energy healing modalities developed by Rob Williams with and for Dr. Morris, for use by martial artists, military, and first responders.

***Other original instructors of the Hoshin Roshi Ryu elsewhere in the world also continue to teach the versions of Hoshin Jutaijutsu (and more rarely, Hoshin Tao Chi Kung) that they learned from Glenn and his students, based on the time period in which they learned them. A close reading of Glenn’s books Path Notes, Shadow Strategies, Martial Arts Madness, and Quantum Crawfish Bisque, will turn up many of the names of Glenn’s collaborators, students, friends, instructors, deshi, proponents, opponents, exponents, and more, in Glenn’s own words.