Apply to learn Glenn J Morris’s Methods Today!

We have spent, and continue to spend a lot of time developing our knowledge and skills, and sharing them wholly with our students.
We want to train real people with kind hearts and a desire to help others. If you want to hide behind an avatar, please go elsewhere.
If you want to practice Dr. Morris’s Methods, please introduce yourself and let us know who you are, and your passions, by following our admissions process:

Orient yourself with the summaries, videos, and free materials of this site.
Choose an introductory course and an instructor teaching it, locate their email address on the course page or their bio page, and then send them your application:

The Application:
1. Send an email quoting and affirming the Student-Teacher agreement linked below on this page
2. Send your responses to the Applicant Questionnaire. If you are uncomfortable answering a particular question, that may be okay, but please let the instructor know why.
3. Schedule and do one or more live two-way video interview with your instructor
4. Have three or more friends, family, or co-workers email the instructor their answers to the following reference questions.

If accepted as a student by the instructor,
proceed to register, either using course buttons, or by requesting an electronically payable invoice or subscription link from the instructor. Request any applicable discounts (charity donation discount, service discount, holiday discount, bundled discount, etc), scholarships, or extended payment plans, when requesting the invoice. Provide a receipt image for any charity donation in order receive the charity donation discount where applicable (donate US $100 to applicable charities, email your receipt, and receive a US $200 discount on applicable courses).

1. Check out the free videos and articles and the main KAP explanation and FAQ
2. Review the Student-Teacher Agreement
3. Review our instructors and choose one or more with whom you resonate.

The Application:
1. Contact potential instructors with an email of intent, including your answers to the KAP Applicant Questionnaire.
2. Do one or more live video interview(s) (free) with each of your requested instructor(s).
3. Ask three or more friends, family members, mentors and/or co-workers to email recommendations of your character to the instructor(s).

If accepted by an instructor:
1. Select a online session of KAP Level 1 or the KAP Level One workshop with that instructor, or notify the instructor if you wish to opt for private instruction.
2. Optional charitable donation through KAP’s Mercy Corps fundraising pages (saves on tuition too!)
3. Request and receive a payment link or a paypal invoice from your instructor and make your tuition payment*

*Financial assistance is available, and should be requested, if required, in your email of intent, and revisited in your interview.