Private Training

Private Training with Glenn J. Morris Method-Certified Instructors

Subject to acceptance by the instructor(s) in question, you may contact any certified Morris Method instructor to train privately or semi-privately.

In general, training in the US is $150/ hour, with some variation based on additional training or expertise. Senior instructors may charge more, as may instructors with doctorates, etc, at their discretion. Instructors may also opt to give partial or full scholarships or extended payment plans based on need or circumstance.

To schedule with Santiago Dobles, please email sdobles @ gmail . com (remove spaces)

To schedule with Tao Semko, please email info1 @ taosemko . com (remove spaces)

For more instructor contacts, click here

Please email the instructor in person, apply, and once accepted, request a pre-payment invoice and lesson scheduling. Payment for each session is due in advance of the session.

Although the possibility is highly unlikely, we reserve the right to postpone a Glenn J Morris Morris Method event or to change venues if necessary. We thank you for your support.