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Instructor: Paul Densmore
Class Format: Prerecorded materials released each week for 4 weeks, with short live skype appointments schedule-able at any time. 4 week class session
Starts : Saturday January 25th, 2020 – recorded lesson and relevant workbook section will be sent out on Saturdays. Questions for the first week will be due via Facebook or e-mail by the following Friday, January 31st, and recorded Q and A session will be sent out Saturday February 1st for the first week, as the second week’s materials are released. This system will continue for the 4 week semester (4 lessons and 4 Q and A’s). Paul will be available everyday to answer important questions via email and/or Facebook. Students can also set up a brief, private Skype session with Paul during the week to review pertinent details of the lessons/troubleshoot.

KAP CE uses Improved KAP level one fundamentals, Neo-Reichian somatic releases, auto-hypnosis, visualization, and more to uncork physical, mental, emotional, and energetic creativity, releasing creative blocks and cultivating creative energy. KAP Level One is a prerequisite.

Register now by emailing Paul at therevdr23 (remove space) with your replies to the following three questions:

1. Please detail your background with Dr. Glenn J Morris Method’s / Improved Kundalini Awakening Process principles.
2. Please state your primary intention for taking this course.
3. Please explain how you will use this material to benefit your community or the world.

and then requesting a Paypal Invoice for $120US for M3-CE!

By registering, I certify that:
I am in good mental and physical health, and not currently under the care of a mental health professional. I understand that the Distance Learning Course is a set of twelve live internet classes, and that i must participate to receive all the information. I understand the kap cancellation and refund policy. I will receive a welcome and further instructions in my web browser after registering. I certify these things on my word.

Tuition for Morris Methods Creativity Enhancement (M3-CE) is one payment of $120 US.

Questions about this class session? Please email Paul at therevdr23 (remove space)