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Register for class K3: Locational & Non-Locational Consciousness as Form and Formlessness, Bliss and Spaciousness, and their Union, online with Tao Semko

By permission, KAP Levels 1 & 2 are prerequisites. Prerecorded materials with Live Video Q&A

Senior Morris Methods Instructor: Tao Semko

Tuition: US $694; Payment Plans are also available.

Class Format: Prerecorded materials weekly for 12 weeks, with live video Q&A available each week. Course materials are in streaming online video format, with text supplements, all of which remain accessible during and after the course.

Tao’s course provides a lecture each week for twelve weeks, one for each of the 12 KAP topics, along with daily progressively-taught guided video practices for the full 12 weeks of the course. Tao is available during and after the course for video Q&A.

If you have taken KAP Level One and Two with another KAP instructor, and this is your first KAP course with Tao Semko, please forward him your responses to the application process when you register. Students who took KAP1 with Tao and have already submitted these materials for KAP1 may simply register for KAP2 without any further ado.

KAP3 Syllabus

Tuition Payment:
Please ask Tao’s permission before registering or re-registering. You must have completed Levels One and Two and done a fair amount of integration of Kundalini to skillfully work with the materials in Level 3.
You may register in full via Paypal/Visa/MC/Amex using the buttons below, or please email info1 @ taosemko . com (remove spaces) to arrange a different payment plan or for discounted tuition for making a donation to Mercy Corps.

Regular Tuition – One Payment of US$694:


Discounted Tuition after making a US$100 donation to Mercy Corps or Global Giving or a local foodbank or homeless shelter, etc – One Payment of US$494 (Save US$200):


You may also request an alternate payment plan via Paypal subscription by emailing Tao with your request.

Re-attend KAP3 online for $125 (please email Tao to request a Paypal Invoice).

Please email info1 @ taosemko . com (remove spaces) to arrange other tuition payment.
Payment plans are available using Paypal subscriptions, with a $5 surcharge per additional payment.

Other questions? Please email Tao at info1 @ taosemko . com (remove spaces)